The land of summer heat and wine, roadside dirt and seas of wheat, tangy morning dew and black chasm of the night sky - all of this is Ukraine’s South. Its summer sun can easily intoxicate a careless traveler. But isn’t the dreamy sleep in the grass in the land of dancing road mirages worth it?

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“Sun and honey” is an ode to the South and an attempt to distill the memory of a hot summer day from childhood. The song starts with a synth that accidentally “trips” into a stoner, grunge, and psychedelic rock-inspired intro. The song doesn’t rush into full throttle until the driving beat and sped-up guitar part kick in. The heat rises with the entry of heavy guitars and reaches its peak with the lines:

“And sun and honey

Will intoxicate more than wine,

And our dance with fire up this steppe!”


  • Liliia K. — vocals, melodies
  • Undogmatic — mixing and mastering
  • Proidysvit — instruments, lyrics, songwriting
  • dephotokom — cover art