“Infinite instant” is a song about separation, which compares it to approaching a black hole, where time slows down until it turns into an infinite instant. In this endless moment, the connection with the past is broken, and the future is not defined at all, everything happens at the same time and at the same time does not happen at all.

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Separation is now even more acute for many people than it was in peacetime. Now the last touch can really be the last, and after the last words are spoken, life freezes indefinitely. Sometimes it seems time has stopped altogether, but it just loses its meaning. The black abyss in the soul gains the mass of a black hole and threatens to drag behind the event horizon, beyond which not even light can escape.

  • Liliia K. — vocals, melodies
  • Undogmatic — mix, mastering
  • Proidysvit — instruments, arrangement, lyrics
  • Glenn Welman — drums
  • dephotokom — cover art