Maxi-single “Відповіді на дурні питання” (“Answers for stupid questions”) contains 3 tracks, that got finalized in 2022. Two of those songs (“Відповіді на дурні питання” (“Answers for stupid questions”), “Тікай, мала” (“Run away, little one”)) were born back in 2017-18 in Lviv but needed extra time and specific circumstances to crystalize. This release is a look back at 2022, the year of the big invasion, and an attempt to come to terms with the author’s internal dialog.

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The opening song “Відповіді на дурні питання” (“Answers for stupid questions”) was inspired by drastically different perceptions of the war among different people. Those are the differences between us, Ukrainians, and russians, us and distant Europeans, untouched by war, and those of us, who felt the whole brunt of the war, and those, who for one reason or another didn’t. Any attempts at answering stupid rhetorical questions can only bring disquiet, and this is reflected by the track’s ever-growing tension. Driving drums, hypnotic bass, and guitars, interlocked in a duel, form a basis for a sultry vocal melody. All of these components combine to deliver the track’s electric final.

Терпець тебе шліфує (“Perseverance polishes you”) was spontaneously written to fit the legendary poem by Vasyl Stus. This important mantra of the age of the long war starts with a rather spartan beat over a dense bass guitar track. But the heavy guitars arrive just before the last strophe and complete the main affirmations of this hymn of perseverance with a proverbial exclamation point.

The final song, “Тікай, мала” (“Run away, little one”), is dedicated to all the women and girls who had to flee from war to foreign countries. Millions of stories and paths, millions of hearts weighing heavy under the survivor’s guilt. The narrator is reaching out to the listener: your feelings are valid, and you did what was best. There will be bad days, but better days will also come. And then it will be time to go back home with your new experiences and renewed view of the world. Simple guitar parts come in layers over a drum loop up until the moment they explode with melancholy together with bass and dramatic vocals.


  • Liliia K. — vocals, melodies
  • Glenn Welman — drums (“Відповіді…”)
  • Undogmatic — mixing and mastering
  • Proidysvit — instruments, lyrics, songwriting
  • illia_karpenko — logo
  • funphen — cover art